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Struggling to grow your agency?

Growing your agency means you'll need more agents. Finding them takes time, but it's doable. The real problem is that they're already with another agency. They're doing well and aren't looking for a change. Once in a while you'll get one but it's not enough for sustained growth.

Have you ever offered an agent a better deal than their current agency offers, but they still didn't take it? That's the problem, right there. Even if your offer is better, they won't go for it. They're too comfortable and won't leave the safety of their current job. It's human nature: our fear of loss is greater than our desire for gain. Even among estate agents.

"So, how are we supposed to
get them to join us?"

What if you could convince them, beyond any doubt, that they'd be more successful with you?

Not just getting a higher percentage, but that they'd perform better. That they'd sell more properties, in a more efficient way, at higher prices, with a steady stream of clients.

You could honestly say: "If you join us, you'll reach the next level as an agent."

Attract top agents without
spending more time recruiting

It's all about boosting your agents. If they're successful, you will be too. You're both relying on each other to succeed. With the proper support, your agents will be what makes your business grow.

I saw this first-hand as I helped an agency grow from 5 to 36 agents. They are now franchising and are opening up two new offices. That's why we specialize in helping estate agencies grow, by boosting their agents.

How does it work?

First you'll get a solid web and marketing foundation, then we'll use social media, automation and web traffic analysis to help your agents to get more clients.

Step 1. You'll get a top of the line website which fits your business. This is the foundation and will put you ahead of your competition online. It will be designed to be active used as a sales tool by your agents.

Step 2. Your agents will start using social media - automatically.
Most agents know that social media works, but they're still not using it. It simply takes too much time and effort. We'll automate it so that each listing is posted on Facebook on time, to the right audience. Instead of spending time on Facebook, your agents will be servicing their clients.

Step 3. Your agents will start asking their clients for reviews - automatically. Agents do their best to ask past clients for referrals and testimonials. However, despite their best effort, it doesn't always happen consistently. We'll automate the process so that your agents start getting more referrals and testimonials to bring them more clients.

We know the property market. We're not generalists - we only work with estate agencies. We understand the business and discuss results with you, not technical details. You'll know the difference if you've ever worked with a typical web agency.

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