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Generate more leads
and win more business
each week: automatically

We put Facebook Ads on autopilot for estate agencies, so that you get new leads without doing any work at all.

All of your agents can now use social media automatically, without spending time on it or having to be trained in it.


You'll get an email before the official launch

"Facebook ads have replaced newspaper ads. It’s cheaper, faster and more effective. About 20% of our leads come from Facebook now."
Niklas Randerz - Sales Director

Get more leads and close more deals

Your listings will be marketed on Facebook to get you more viewings and enquiries. Your agents won't have to know social media, they'll still be able to use it to win more instructions.

Reach local leads

Each listing will be advertised on Facebook in the local area around it. You'll have a strong presence and reach your target market daily.


Your agents will add Facebook marketing to their sales pitches to win more instructions.

They'll say that they're a modern estate agent who uses the best marketing tools for their clients.

I'll use Facebook marketing to get you twice as much exposure for your listing as you'd normally get. That means more people will come to viewings and we'll get a better end result.
- Your agent


Your agents won't have to learn about Facebook or do any work at all.

Facebook Ads will be created automatically when a new listing is published by one of your agents.

Text and images are fetched from your estate agency software and you're in control of the marketing budget.

Created ad around Chester Row
Created ad around Montpelier Walk
Created ad around Greybrook House
"I had never used Facebook adverts before, but I tried it and now I'm hooked. It reaches more people than my usual marketing - at a third of the price."
Gabriella Gomez - Estate Agent


We find that early adopters make the best users.

Sign up now and you'll have a reward waiting when we launch in the UK.

If you're a forward-leaning estate agency, this is your chance to get a leg-up on the competition.


You'll get an email before the official launch


Who else is using this?

Leading independent estate agents in Sweden have been using this for the better part of a year. Now we're getting it ready for the UK market.

What will it cost?

It'll be a no-brainer monthly fee for those who sign up before we launch.

Do I have to pay for the ads?

Yes, Facebook will charge you for your ads. Luckily Facebook is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your target market. It beats traditional marketing hands down.

You decide how much you want to spend and Facebook will charge you directly. We won't take a cut or make any profit off of that.

Who is this for?

It’s for estate agencies in the UK which are looking to grow.

You could be new to Facebook marketing or a veteran ready to take it to the next level. Either way: you’re interested in new ways to grow your business. You know you can’t stand still and expect to win.

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You'll get an email before we launch